Betfred Opening Times Saturday

Betfred Opening Times Saturday

While Ladbrokes owns the spot for longest surviving bookmakers, we must not ignore another leading provider in the gambling industry.

The name Betfred began operations in 2004, but there were nearly 4 decades of history before this well-loved national brand first came to light.

Back in 1966, a man named Fred Done won a bet he'd placed that England would with the world cup.

In 1967, Fred used the capital he'd made from this winning to open the first Done Bookmakers shop in Ordsall, Salford.

That can't have been a lousy bet then!

He continued to work hard, and in 1997, Done Bookmakers brought their total number of shops to 100 after they obtained the Robert Walker chain.

Over the following few years, the company extensively grew and grew while still under the name Done Bookmakers.

Eventually, they were reported as being the largest independent retail bookmaker chain across the UK.

By early 2000 the chain had 200 shops nationwide, and Done Bookmakers officially opened their first store in the greater London area. By mid-2017, the chain had over 1600 shops open in the UK.

In 2004, the company launched their digital platform "" that the name was changed across all shops, and that familiar logo was born.

Like most online bookies, didn't just offer sports betting; the website offers live casinos, poker, bingo, and much more.

Betfred also holds the record for the highest winning bet in a bookies when a customer known only as Ken scooped a colossal £1.1 Million!!

He correctly guessed six winning horses at the races, and after betting on Betfred's own totescoop6 pool, he walked away with a few Bob more in his pocket than what he walked in with!

Imagine explaining that one to the wife!

Chances are, if you live in a moderately populated area, then you're going to have a Betfred not too far away.

As previously mentioned, you can place bets and visit their online casino at 24/7, 365 days a year.

However, if you like the more traditional visit to the betting shop, then here's the opening hours information you need.

Much like Ladbrokes, the majority of Betfred shops will be open just before you need to clock in so you can back that horse or team before work.

Opening times vary across the UK from 7:30 am to 10 am, with 85% opening between 8 am, and 9 am. Again there isn't much difference in closing times compared to the rest of the week, but some stores close earlier than others. As always, check the website if you're unsure, or give them a ring!

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