Coral Opening Times Saturday

Coral betting shops generally open on Saturdays at 8 am and close at 10 pm. However, Saturday opening times are dependent on location. Use the shop locator to find the Saturday opening times for your local Coral branch.

Since the company was founded in the 1920s, the company has experienced great success. As of March 2019, there are 1,529 Coral betting shops in the UK, a decrease of 101 shops since 2009. In addition, Coral's parent company, Entain, have chosen to close hundreds of Ladbrokes and Coral betting shops in the wake of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. The betting company offers a range of betting opportunities, including sports bets on football, baseball, boxing, golf, horse racing and snooker. Additionally, punters can place novelty bets on star-studded events such as The Oscars and current affairs. Other popular games include lotto, poker, live casino, roulette and slots.


The Story of Coral's Founder, Joe Coral

Joe Coral, real name Joseph Kagarlitsky, was born in Poland in 1904. When he was a child, his family moved to the UK, hoping to create a new life for themselves. When the Kagarlitsky family arrived in England, they changed their surname to Coral. At age 14, Joe Coral left secondary school and started a full-time job. He had good mathematics skills, and as a result, took a job as a clerk at a lamp-making company. Here, Joe met other people from the bookmaking industry. While he was still working at the lamp-makers, he took up a side job as a runner for bookmakers, delivering and handling cash between the bookie and punters.


About his love for betting, Coral said: "Having given this bookie an average of four to five pounds a week for weeks on end, I thought if only I had the pluck to put those bets in my pocket, I'd become a rich man in no time". Through a mixture of skill and luck, Joe was able to amass around three pounds per week, three times more than he earned at his full-time job.


Coral Purchases His First Betting Shop

Coral's bookmaking career went from strength to strength in the 1920s. In 1926, he opened his bookmaking business. By the time the First World War broke out, Coral was one of the largest bookmakers in England. OIn the years after the war, Coral's business continued to grow. He purchased greyhound racing pitches at various locations, including tracks at Harringay, White City, Clapton and Walthamstow. When the government legalised betting shops in 1961, Coral took advantage by opening his first licensed betting office. However, the change in the law was not intended to encourage people to frequent betting shops. As a result, bookmakers such as Coral had unwelcome interiors to stop punters from loitering.


Surprisingly, Joe Coral was not too keen on legalising betting shops. Before the regulatory body granted a betting shop a license, they had to prove 'unstimulated demand' for gambling in their local area. One way to get around this legislation was to convert existing shops into betting shops. After the bill passed, bookmakers became public companies operating legally; bookies no longer had to hang around on street corners and evade the authorities.


Coral Becomes a Major UK Bookmaker

By the 1970s, there were almost 700 Coral shops in existence, meaning Coral was one of the biggest bookmaking companies in the UK. After the hotel chain Bass purchased Coral in 1981, Joe Coral became president and major company director.


After a long and successful career building one of the UK's most successful bookmakers, Joe Coral sadly died in 1996 at the age of 92. He was a well-respected individual in the gambling industry, and his legacy lives on today.


In 1998, Coral was briefly sold to Ladbrokes for £363 million. However, Ladbrokes sold Coral almost immediately as the Monopolies and Mergers Commission deemed the acquisition anti-competitive. However, Ladbrokes did retain some betting shops in Jersey and Ireland. Like its competitors, Coral also took steps to improve its online offering. However, to offer companies an excellent online gambling experience, they needed expertise. As a result, Coral purchased Eurobeat, an online football betting company based in Gibraltar.


Gala Acquires Coral

In 2005, bingo company Gala acquired Coral for over £2 billion, becoming the Gala Coral Group. After that, several more mergers and acquisitions helped to raise the Group's status in the gambling world. However, in the time after the merger, the Group experienced something of an identity crisis. Because the Gala Coral Group owns several businesses, including Gala Bingo, Coral, Gala Casino and Eurobet, the Group's brand identity felt somewhat watered down for a time. However, in 2011, the companies combined to create Gala Interactive, the company's core gambling website.


Ladbrokes Acquires Coral

In 2016, Ladbrokes acquired Coral and became Ladbrokes Coral Group plc. The chairman of Ladbrokes at the time, Peter Erskine, said the merger was a "major strategic step for Ladbrokes". Ladbrokes offered 93 million new shares to investors to fund the deal, representing 10 per cent of the company. However, before the acquisition could be approved, the Competition and Markets Authority identified 642 areas where the deal would harm competition. Consequently, the company would have to sell between 350 to 400 shops for the deal to go through.


Before the acquisition, Ladbrokes had been owned by several private equity companies, including Park Square Capital, Anchorage Capital Partners, Apollo Global Management and Cerebrus Capital Management. Under the new deal, the private equity companies hold just over 48 per cent of the Group's shares, with the rest held by Ladbrokes shareholders. The brand is now the UK's biggest high street bookmaker, with around 3,500 brick and mortar shops and approximately 25,000 staff.


Entain Acquires Ladbrokes Coral

In 2017, GVC Holdings, now Entain, agreed to purchase Ladbrokes Coral for a deal estimated to be worth £4 billion. Under the deal, GVC shareholders will hold almost 54 per cent of the Group, which also owns gambling brands Foxy Bingo, Betboo, Partycasino, Bwin and Sportingbet. The CEO of GVC Holdings at the time, Kenneth Alexander, described the deal as a "truly exciting prospect".



Entain, the parent company of Coral, announced that they would close some Coral shops after a surge in online gambling. Revenue from Entain's gambling companies, including Coral, Ladbrokes and BetMGM, increased by 50 per cent from March 2019 to March 2020, creating profits of £175 million in 2020.


Commenting in 2021, Entain's new CEO, Jette Nygaard-Andersen, said: "This has been another very successful and productive quarter with Entain making excellent progress across a number of our strategic priorities. This is testament to the hard work and dedication of our people across all aspects of our business. I am delighted that they will now have the opportunity to share in the future success of Entain through our new Share Save plan." She continued: "In line with our expectations, the momentum from the end of 2020 has carried into 2021. Although Covid creates some near-term uncertainty, by maintaining our focus on the customer, providing them with great products and services, we remain confident and excited in our long-term prospects."


On 12th April 2021, betting shops were allowed to open after England's third lockdown. In a blog post, Vicky Knight, Machines and Compliance Manager at Jenningsbet, wrote that it was a day to celebrate as betting shops take a significant step towards normality. She wrote: "The happiest of Mondays will see our TV screens switched back on and customers finally able to actually take a seat and relax as live events can be shown once again. Tables will also be reappearing for customers to write their bets out and enjoy a morning brew. Banter can return amongst the customers and staff in shops that have felt too quiet for too long". Knight wrote that, in her experience, customer footfall had bounced back since the reopening in mid-April 2021. She commented that people are eager to get back out and interact with others after months of isolation.


Celebrating 60 Years of Legal Betting Shops

In celebration of 60 years of legal betting shops, Steven White reminisced on his time working in betting shops. He explained how betting shops have changed over the last 60 years. He wrote that betting shops were smoky, with loud, crackling speakers - a major departure from today's more welcoming betting shops. White focused particular attention on the introduction of live TV racing, which modernised the customer experience and made betting shops pleasant places to visit.


However, not all experiences were positive. Steven White explained that the introduction of the National Lottery in 1994 was a blow to betting shops. People could buy a lottery ticket or instant scratchcard from their local shop. For some, there was no longer a need to visit a betting shop. Later, bookies were concerned that the introduction of the smoking act would reduce footfall. However, the ban meant that shops were more pleasant and had a welcoming feel.


Today, betting shops also recognise their duty of care for customers. White explained that betting shop staff are trained to spot customers who may be spending more money than they can afford or spot punter behaviour changes that may indicate problem gambling.


What Does the Future Hold for Coral?

Like other large gambling companies, Coral's gaze is firmly fixed on the power of technology to change gambling. In the UK, online gambling is a multi-billion-pound industry, with 32.8 per cent of people participating in online gambling in the last month. Online gambling is the largest area of the UK's gambling industry, comprising 40 per cent total market share. The coronavirus pandemic adversely affected horse racing, a popular activity for punters to place bets on. Many horseracing events were cancelled due to the risk of infection.


Coral is actively taking steps to modernise its shops. In December, the company unveiled its 'shop of the future', which offer a modern gambling experience. The shops are kitted out with self-service betting terminals, Racing Post sports screens, interactive betting shop displays, and a departure board showing races with the Racing Post verdict. According to Ladbrokes Coral's strategy and business development director for UK retail, Bejay Patel, the shops received a "terrific response" which has "pushed the boundaries in terms of design".


In a 2019 blog post, a Coral staff member wrote: "we're naturally fascinated by the possibilities for the world of online casino gaming". It's not only online casino games that will experience big changes in the coming years. Augmented and virtual reality also has a lot of promise in the gambling industry. Pavlos Sideris, who has worked in the gambling space for several years, explained: "AR and VR is undoubtedly the future of gaming and is already being widely adopted by gamers, the only barrier being the current cost of the hardware, lack of support for certain games, or practicality". At present, there are not many virtual reality casino games to choose from. However, the number of VR games will grow in the coming years as more people purchase Oculus, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR headsets.


Virtual reality casinos would give players an experience that feels closer to being in a casino. However, online casinos are "notoriously slow" compared to other gambling technologies. To provide a seamless experience for casino players, betting companies such as Coral and Ladbrokes should invest more time and money in VR experiences. All major UK betting companies, including Ladbrokes Coral and Betfred, are keen to improve their online offering as more punters choose to gamble from their phones and PCs.


Coral Saturday Opening Times

All Coral betting shops are open on Saturdays, a particularly busy day of the week for betting businesses. However, opening times vary based on the location of your local Coral shop. Please use the shop locator to find out the Saturday opening times for your local Coral branch. Alternatively, if you cannot access a Coral betting shop, you can place bets online 24 hours a day.